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The Aquos Pools Family

This is his loyal and talented deck crew. We are proud to have such a wise and talented man in our lives. #FAMILYBUSINESS


  • Bob Tapley
    Bob Tapley Dad / Grandpa / Great Grandpa / Patriarch Mentor

    Bob has been in the business of pool construction with his brother Bud Tapley since 1967.

  • Harold Tapley
    Harold Tapley President / CEO

    Harold is the son of Bob Tapley and takes great pride in overseeing the construction of swimming pool projects. Their business has been in the same location since 1977. Harold, Bob and the team have completed over 10,000 swimming pool projects.

  • Joni Lewis
    Joni Lewis Design / Sales Manager

    Joni Lewis is the daughter of Harold Tapley. She was trained by the best and can add a woman’s touch the design of your backyard. She can produce a 3-D rendering of your backyard dream fully landscaped and decorated. Joni is proud to be part of the team and a 3rd generation builder and designer.

  • Greg Lewis
    Greg Lewis Design / Sales

    Greg Lewis has been part of the family since his son married Harold’s daughter Joni. He has 40 plus years in the concrete and construction industry. He takes a great deal of pride in doing a good job. Greg’s passion is going to the sand dunes with his family and riding his quad.


  • Ryan Lowery
    Ryan Lowery Design / Sales

    Ryan is a close family friend. Ryan provides a great customer experience and has excelled in design and customer relationships.

  • Shawn Tapley
    Shawn Tapley Project Manager

    From an early childhood ,Shawn Tapley , began learning the swimming pool construction trade. From the shovel to the pen, he has learned and worked on every phase of pool construction. Shawn is a 3rd generation builder striving to follow in grandfather ,Bob Tapley’s and father ,Harold Tapley’s footsteps.

  • Steve Raney
    Steve Raney Lead Concrete Supervisor

    Steve is the brother in-law of Harold Tapley. Harold and Steve are not only brothers but are best friends since they were 10 years old. Steve knows exactly what Harold expects and holds our crews to the highest level of expertise.

  • Yemi Fatusi
    Yemi Fatusi IT Support / Social Media

    Matthew Yemi Fatusi is the IT Support / Social Media / Online Marketing guy. Yemi works on anything technology related making sure and system is a go.

  • Dotty Tapley
    Dotty Tapley Office Manager

    Dotty is the daughter of Harold Tapley. Dotty has exceptional customer service skills and is dedicated to all office operations and is always available to help any client or staff with their requests.

  • Lee Rocha
    Lee Rocha Lead Draftsman / Permit Specialist

    Lee is Harold’s nephew. Lee is very skilled in research and provides detailed plans and information for our construction crews.

  • Jorge Moreno
    Jorge Moreno Project Manager

    Jorge Moreno has worked with Harold for over 20 years. He handles operations on equipment and chemical balance. He is a master plumber and knows all phases of pool construction. He keeps communication running smooth with our team. Jorge has always been considered family.

  • Stacey Tapley
    Stacey Tapley Scheduler / Client Care

    Stacey is Harold’s niece and the daughter of Stan Tapley our Specialty Excavator. Stacey brings warmth to the office and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

  • Andrea Tapley
    Andrea Tapley Client Care / Warranty

    Daughter in-law of Harold Tapley and Andrea specializes in after construction client care. Andrea’s nickname is Honey Bee because she is one of the sweetest in the office.

  • Ashley Tapley
    Ashley Tapley Design / Sales

    Ashley is Harold Tapley’s niece and the daughter of Stan Tapley our specialty Excavator. Ashley brings extreme organizational skills, great customer services care and professionalism to the office. Ashley takes pride and customer service to the highest level.

  • Clifton Moorman III
    Clifton Moorman III Field Technician

    Clifton is Harold’s son in-law and is trained in product operations to provide excellent customer care and training. Clifton is always willing to lend a helping hand no matter the circumstances. Clifton is a great asset to the family company.

  • Amy Davidson
    Amy Davidson Permit Technician/Scheduler

    Amy is Harold’s niece and works hard to keep the office organized and permits handled timely.



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