pool party

There’s nothing like a backyard full of your favorite friends and family. And with Aquos Pools, you’ll have the ultimate guide on how to throw a pool party that will create waves of fun! 

We don’t just build custom pools; we create the backdrop for unforgettable moments with the ones you love, whether it’s a routine afternoon dip with your kids and spouse or an evening pool party under the stars.

Our team knows that you approach poolside entertaining as an art, and like any masterpiece, it requires careful planning. So, grab your sunscreen, shades, and swimsuits, because we’re about to embark on a journey to the perfect pool party.

Setting the Scene: Your Aquos e3 Pool Party

Before we dive into the party details, let’s talk about the star of the show: your Aquos custom pool. 

Your pool is not just an awe-inspiring backyard centerpiece; it’s the pinnacle of quality and sustainability. With the Aquos Pools’ exclusive e3 system, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear water, energy-efficient lighting, and cutting-edge automation. And you’ll turn some heads, too, when your guests come over to enjoy your beautiful backyard attraction.

Pool Party Planning: Simple Steps to the Perfect Event

There are a million ways to plan for your pool party, but some simple steps can help point you in the right direction. 

1. A Clean Pool Party Is a Happy Pool Party

First, make sure your pool is clean and your water is balanced. Nobody likes swimming alongside debris, dodging floating leaves, or feeling grit under their feet at the bottom of the pool. That’s where the Pentair Prowler 930 robot cleaner comes in. Its cyclonic vacuum technology ensures your pool is spotless, even when the pump is off. Plus, the energy-efficient clearing pod with our e3 pools means more pool time and less maintenance. 

Clean up around the pool area, and wipe down any tables and chairs your guests will be using. You’ll have a stunning space to host all your favorite people.

2. Safety Measures

Safety is paramount when hosting a pool party. Keep enough safety gear available and easily accessible, especially if children will be attending. Designate a responsible adult as a lifeguard, or hire a designated lifeguard for the party. 

Establish ground rules and make sure they’re known to all. If your party will include adult beverages, keep an eye on pool users who are indulging and make sure there are soft drinks available, especially water. Watch devices near the pool — especially anything that plugs in.

3. Utilize Automation and Smart Controls

Today’s pools can do a lot of things. But they often require you to do a lot of things as well. 

Adjusting the pool temperature or lighting options for guests during your pool party can mean climbing out, making your way out to the controls, and making the adjustments, just to return and find that maybe it needs a little more light and a little less heat, so out you go again. Not with an e3 Pool from Aquos Pools.

Don’t fret about adjusting the lights or water features when the party’s in full swing. Your e3 Pool’s automation system puts you in complete control from wherever your smartphone happens to be. 

Change lighting colors, tweak spa temperature, and even activate water features right from your floatie, grill, deck, or poolside. You won’t have to miss a thing.

4. Food and Drinks

Poolside fun works up an appetite! Be inventive and fun with your poolside delights. Set up a buffet with a variety of finger foods and refreshing beverages. Think fresh fruit platters, sliders, and tropical smoothies. Don’t forget a cooler stocked with a good variety of chilled beverages.

5. Music and Entertainment

Keep the pool party energy high with music and games. Create a playlist of upbeat, pool-appropriate tunes to keep the atmosphere lively. Consider setting up a Bluetooth® speaker poolside for easy music control. And don’t hog the music! Give everyone a little time to spin some tunes virtually. 

Remember, the classic games are classics for a reason. Turn your adult guests into little kids again with Marco Polo, or teach the younger guests about water polo or volleyball. Have a synchronized swimming contest and enjoy all the laughs that will bring! 

With enough pool toys and inflatables, your younger or more adventurous guests may develop their own spontaneous games too.

6. Light the Night

As the sun begins to set, the right lighting can transform your poolside soirée into a magical memory for many guests. Our nicheless LED lights with HydroCoolTM technology don’t just illuminate – they captivate.

These lights use less wattage, saving energy costs and providing vibrant colors that dance on the water’s surface. Start in the afternoon and party deep into the San Joaquin County night.

Pool Party Dreams Begin at Aquos Pools

So there you have it – the recipe for hosting the perfect pool party! 

With your Aquos Pools’ custom e3 Pool and these tips in hand, you’re ready to make a splash and create unforgettable moments with family and friends. 

From our family to yours, we guarantee that your Aquos Pool will exceed expectations and ensure you and your loved ones have a party you won’t soon forget!