Pool lighting is an underappreciated hero of the swimming pool experience. At Aquos Pools in Manteca, California, we believe that your pool should be a source of delight not just during the day but deep into the night. 

Picture a warm California evening, a star-studded sky, and gentle splashes of water as you take a leisurely dip. What makes this night-time aquatic adventure even more magical? The right pool lighting. 

Let’s dive into the enchanting world of swimming pool lighting and illuminate how Aquos Pools goes above and beyond to make your night swims truly extraordinary.

Cool Pool Lighting: A Symphony of Brilliance

When the sun sets and the moon rises, it’s time for your pool to shine. 

Aquos Pools offers a revolutionary lighting solution that will transform the ambiance and accessibility of your pool: Nicheless LED lights with HydroCool™ technology. 

These lights are not just any lights; they offer cutting-edge HydroCool technology to provide long-lasting performance and an array of colors that will leave you in awe.

A Piece of Peace of Mind

Our nicheless LED lights are constructed with a sturdy unibody design to eliminate the points at which standard light fixtures begin to leak, keeping your pool lights fully functional and shining bright for decades of use.

The nicheless LED system also includes diffuser lenses to achieve a better blending of light, delivering illumination that is always as clear as glass. 

To enhance your pool experience further, we offer easily attachable Quarter-Moon and Half-Moon Lens Covers. Our easy-to-attach lens covers in quarter-moon and half-moon designs do away with “Halo Effect” and aim light away from your eyes, making for safer trips up and down stairs and anywhere else they are used in your pool. 

Our pool lighting system not only offers dynamic, bright illumination but can also help mitigate energy costs associated with lighting your pool. The system is designed to use less power more efficiently than standard pool lights.

Control in the Palm of Your Hand

With the e3 Pool’s lighting system, you gain complete control over your backyard paradise. 

From your smartphone, you can change the color and intensity of your lighting, adjust your pool’s temperature, activate water features, and much more, all with a tap on the app. Prepare to be mesmerized by the vibrant hues that dance on the water’s surface.

The Competition’s Dim Light

Many competitors are still stuck in the dark ages, offering old-school airplane-style lights that require a niche in the pool’s wall with bonding and grounding to meet code requirements. 

Not only does this create a potential source of leaks in your pool, but it also lacks the finesse and functionality of modern pool lighting.

Imagine having to take a nightly trek out to your pool equipment, fumbling in the dark to switch on your pool lights each time you wish to use your pool after dark. It’s a hassle, especially when you’re longing for a relaxing evening swim.

What’s more, these traditional systems offer no color-changing options. You’re stuck with one static lighting scheme, and if you decide you want to adjust it, you’ll find yourself navigating in the dark to do so.

Aquos Pools: Bringing Pool Lighting to Your Night

As the sun sets over California and the night sky emerges, your pool should transform into an enchanting realm of wonder. Aquos Pools’ Nicheless LED lights with HydroCool technology ensure that your night swims are a symphony of colors — a visual delight that matches the magic of the moment.

Don’t settle for outdated, cumbersome pool lighting systems offered by our competitors. Let Aquos Pools illuminate your evenings, making each night swim an unforgettable experience. Contact us today, and let’s begin your journey to a dynamic, modern e3 Pool.