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The e3Pool

eco smart. efficient. effortless.
A Nature-based environmental solution for your family pool!

Our e3 Pool is Fully Sustainable

“The most sustainable and environmentally friendly pool available.” A family pool constructed of the highest quality materials and selection of the longest lasting products that will save you money not requiring constant replacement. Ease of care and saving extreme amounts of time in maintenance and saving precious water allowing you to follow the BMPs (best management practices)

Don’t fuss with a filthy filter, check out the evolution to the unique e3 filtration method!

Filtration Comparison


e3 Pool

Unique Filtration

Easy, long lasting, efficient, a filter that can be easily cleaned in 2 minutes utilizing a “self sanitizing” lifetime warranty, patented ACTIVATED media that is certified for filtration of drinking water.

*See how to future proof your pool

the Other Guys “say”

This is all YOU need?!! (Cartridges)

The 1 to 3 hour mess of taking your filter apart, spending your time cleaning then money replacing cartridges when they bio-foule usually within 2 to 3 years have to be disposed of.

This method wastes freshwater and contaminates our ecosystem during cleaning, then when disposed of, requiring 150 to 200 years to deteriorate in landfill.

Lighting Comparison


e3 Pool

"Cool" Lighting

NICHELESS L.E.D. lights with HYDROCOOL technology, engineered with NEW HYDROCOOL™ TECHNOLOGY to provide long lasting performance. See for yourself the beauty and enchantment the proper lighting will provide.

the Other Guys “say”

This is all YOU need?!!

They still make the old airplane style lights that require a niche in the wall of the pool with bonding/grounding to meet code, and this is the most common place to find a leak in a pool after it’s full of water.

Pool Tech Comparison


e3 Pool

NEW PUMPS with Variable Speed

Long lasting and High performance water flow with the lowest energy consumption available. The Manufacturer’s warranty provides a std. 1 year – extended to 3 years for customer care (on site, online or 800# call center) through our strength of purchasing power elevated to PRO-EDGE builder.

INTERNET ACCESS control with iPhone

The e3 Pool includes an automation system that puts control of your entire backyard paradise at your fingertips. Adjust spa temperature, turn on water features and lights, change color of lighting, and much more, right from your cell phone with an app. AquaLink systems integrate premium design ingenuity, style, and ease of use for the ultimate pool automation experience.

the Other Guys “say”

This is all YOU need?!!

With this basic (cheap) T-220 time clock, you will be walking out to the equipment everytime you want to turn the pool pump on/off, or operate any features. Usually the operation of light(s) is right next to the T-220 with just a switch

This provides no color changing option you have to walk out to the equipment area in the dark to turn on and off at the beginning and end of your evening.

Cleaning Comparison


e3 Pool

REAL ROBOTICS to clean your pool

Only a real ROBOT Cleaner will function when the pool pump is not running allowing for optimal cleaning performance. Compact and lightweight, the 7240 Sport features cyclonic vacuum technology, lightweight handling, and an easy clean filter canister with a transparent lid. This energy efficient cleaner navigates floors and climbs walls for full pool coverage and a thorough clean.

Check out our TRUE BOT in action!

the Other Guys “say”

This is all YOU need?!! (non-robot)

Some of these pool cleaners require “pressure” and some require “suction” either way they are Not a “ROBOT”cleaner.

Suction-Type Cleaners

The filtration pump has to run (at a higher speed) to provide water flow for these types of cleaners to function, resulting in a higher electrical bill every month, that is not efficient and it puts unnecessary mileage on your system requiring replacement & adding perpetual cost to ownership. The pressure cleaners tend to stir up the dirt, creating turbidity putting more strain on the filtration system and requiring longer run times, not to mention.

When using a suction-type cleaner, it is connected to direct suction from the pump and in certain situations can be very dangerous depending on how it is installed. (Dangerous enough to not be allowed on any municipal, apartment, or hotel pool) The typical service call is “The cleaner sucked up something and the line is plugged”. We call that jackhammer time!

No Comparison – Best Clear System


Chemical Use | Wasted Water | Ground Contamination | Filter Cleaning Time | Outdoor Water Usage

  • Easy to operate – simple with no mess
  • Saving & ReUse of wasted backwash water that will compromise the environment
  • Uses less chemicals as ReUse water is already treated.
  • Unique tank design collects sediments – Full open top for easy servicing
  • Excellent addition to new pool construction or pool remodel project
  • Conforms to Best Management Practices
  • Environmentally correct
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Environmental Comparison


e3 Pool

ECOSYSTEM PROTECTION- NATURE-BASED with water and chemical savings

We have the only method available that meets City, County, State & HOA BMPs!

the Other Guys “say”

We Can't!

  • It doesn’t work
  • We don’t have it
  • It’s silly
  • It’s more work
  • They can’t get it…………… 

We Have the…


The e3 Pool features the
“BeST Clear POD”

A Nature-based Solution
is the Future for Sustainable
Green Building!

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