Welcome to Aquos Pools in Manteca, California – the home of guilt-free luxury pools. 

Plunge into the Aquos experience, where every ripple tells a tale. With the e3 system, our Pentair Prowler 930 robotic cleaner, and our innovative clearing pod, we blend luxury and ease of use like no other pool builder. 

Aquos Pools has been family-owned and operated since 1977. But we are more than just a business. Brace yourself for a journey where quality is more than a buzzword – it’s our passion.

Luxury Pool Building with the e3 System

The spotlight shines on our e3 system – an ecological wonder that elevates water polishing to an art. While other filtration systems spill gallons during cartridge cleaning, we save every precious drop.

But the e3 Pool isn’t just about luxury; it’s about environmental mindfulness. Premium materials, sustainable practices, and minimal maintenance are the notes composing our eco-symphony.

The Best Clear System 

Meet the Best Clear System, an option on all of our pools and e3 pools, and a marvel of simplicity and efficiency. The Best Clear System is our eco-friendly clearing pod that works with your pool’s filter to save water, reduce chemical use and ground contamination, and make your filter easier and quicker to clean.

The Best Clear System is simple to operate and designed to produce a minimum of clean up. Pool water that would otherwise be washed out and wasted is instead polished sparkling clean and reintroduced to your pool. This means less money spent on chemicals, as the water cleaned by the Best Clear System has already been treated in your pool. 

Pool water collected in the Best Clear System clearing pod is combined with our patented ACTIVATED® media. Gravity separates the scrubbing media from the water on top, leaving it literally pure enough to drink and ready to be fed back into your pool.

The Best Clear System is a key addition to all of our new pool projects. It helps reduce your carbon footprint and, best of all, the American-made system saves water.

Your Luxury Pool Cleaned in a Breeze

Introducing the Pentair Prowler 930 – an aquatic virtuoso. Energy efficient, thorough, and tireless, it scrubs along floors and scales walls, leaving nothing but perfection in its wake.

The Pentair Prowler 930 robotic cleaner works whether your pump is running or not, maximizing your pool’s integrated cleaning system. Our powerful Prowler is light on its feet for all its features, and the compact unit is plug-and-play, set-it-and-forget-it intelligence personified.

The top-loading filtration basket is intuitive, convenient, and mess resistant. Plus the Prowler 930 can be turned loose on your pool’s tougher spots to keep your pool looking as clean as it actually is. 

To make the Pentair Prowler 930 even more user friendly and your pool-cleaning routine even easier, the robot is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled by an app on your smartphone. 

Send the robot on its rounds with a tap or two; customize cleaning schedules so the Pentair robotic cleaner is prowling when you know the pool needs it most. Activate the delayed start feature to accommodate late-night dips. 

Smart Control

And while you’ve got your smartphone out, you can manage other key features of your luxury pool as well! The e3 Pool gives your device control over temperature, lights, light color, and more. You can clean your pool, set some sweet lighting, and add a little warmth, all before you’ve even stepped into your bathing suit.

Speaking of lights, our nicheless LED lights aren’t just illuminators – they’re storytellers. Powered by Hydrocool™ technology, they’re a beacon of brilliance, guiding you through the night.

To all of these tempting features, add our variable speed pumps that achieve efficient water flow with minimal energy use and are supported by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. The standard is a single year, but it’s bumped up to three for pools built by PRO-EDGE builders like Aquos Pools.

Embrace Green Luxury

At Aquos Pools, we want to be proud of the pools we build. That means they have to last and must remain current with the demands of our world’s rapidly changing needs. So our goal is to future-proof every single pool we build. 

Our innovations reduce chemical usage, curb water wastage, and make our customers more than cooled down, wet, and happy: They make you stewards of the Earth – nurturers of nature. 

Lean into luxury and get rid of guilt with Aquos Pools and the soaring innovations of our e3 luxury pools. Reach out to us today, and let’s begin your journey to a pool that is future-proof.